9410 Prestbury Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28216

SOLD – Click Here to See Similar Homes for Sale You have found a beautiful home with a large, open kitchen that features a bright breakfast area that overlooks the family room. This home is spacious and has an open floor plan with a formal living and dining room combo. View Photo Gallery | More … Continued

Things to Do in Charlotte NC

When you’re in Charlotte, North Carolina, the question isn’t, “What is there to do?” Instead, it’s, “What can you do today?” The options for entertainment in Charlotte are endless. Play golf at over 100 private clubs and public courses. Shop in local high-end boutiques or big-name department stores. Play at any of the area parks. … Continued

Staging Your Home to Sell

When you’re preparing to list your home for sale, your real estate agent may suggest that you stage your home. Staging your home means that you work to present your house in the best way possible for potential buyers to see. Think of staging your home as a way for your house to make a … Continued

Pricing Your House Right the First Time

Reducing the price of your home for sale may not be in your game plan. Not only can reducing the price cut into your bottom dollar, but it can also make sellers look desperate to offload their property. However, when you price your home properly from the get-go, you increase your chances of selling without … Continued

New Construction or Resale – Which Should You Choose

Deciding to buy a house is exciting! Whether it’s your first venture into home ownership, or you’re upsizing or downsizing, the question many buyers ask is whether to buy new construction or a resale property. There are pros and cons to each. New construction is nice because it’s shiny and, well, new! There’s a certain … Continued

Buyer’s Guide to Upsizing or Downsizing

Homeownership is a significant part of the American Dream. However, your first home may not be your last. You may not be ready to forfeit homeownership, but there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself upsizing or downsizing as the needs of your household fluctuate. In cases where new members of the household are arriving, your … Continued